Last Monday, I sent a note to our team about the moment we’re in, and the long history of racial injustice that precedes it. We came together to make commitments to help fight systemic discrimination, and promote racial justice. I’m sharing some of these actions here; not because they are enough, but because they are a start. If we can all do more as we learn more, I’m hopeful we can help make this a turning point for real change.


In my note earlier this week, I shared feeling heartbroken by George Floyd’s senseless killing — as well as…

Seven years ago, my co-founder Liam and I launched ClassDojo from the studio apartment we shared. Today, ClassDojo serves tens of millions of children in over 180 countries every day, and is growing fast. We tend to be pretty heads-down doing the work; this year, Liam and I are working on sharing a bit more about what ClassDojo is all about.

“We must be prepared to insult systems for the convenience of humanity, not the other way around” — John Taylor Gatto

Make Education Something People Love

‘Love’ isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when most people think of education. Yet consider…

Sam Chaudhary

Building ClassDojo, trying my hardest to do good things for education

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